I don’t think there’s any magic formula to achieve success, but I do think that beginning your year by setting clear and measurable goals is the first step entrepreneurs should take. By mid to late December, I’m already thinking about what I want to achieve in the next calendar year, and by early January I’ve written down specific goals as well as milestones to reach per month, quarter and per year. I think breaking down your goals into mini-victories really helps keep you on track.

nmet_q1_goals_headerI also think it’s important to get rid of everything that didn’t work last year. I’m talking about technology apps, strategies…any tools you used that didn’t provide the results you wanted, get rid of them, and find something better. A lot of times, we get stuck into trying to use the same tired approach that didn’t work last year, and cross our fingers that this year will be different, but why would it?


Last, I think it’s important that business owners find leisure time to recharge their creativity and energy. Work is fulfilling, but enjoying life and gaining new experiences can only enhance your outlook and contribute positively to how you think about your company, so finding that work/life balance is essential.

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Tue, 2:51 PM