I think even five or six years ago, digital marketing was much more about the scattershot approach, in which marketers tossed out a bunch of different strategies, waited to see which one would hit – and then aggressively pursued that strategy. But what happened was that the power of social media exploded in ways no one had predicted, and all of a sudden you had this massive platform that provided so much opportunity that it changed the digital marketing game.


So now it’s really about two things: identifying your target market and figuring out how to engage them on their home turf. For example, if your products and services are geared for Millennials, you can’t reach them on traditional advertising platforms such as TV and radio, you have to create smart and entertaining social media campaigns to draw their attention, because young consumers live on social media and are more apt to share brands they love on that platform.


I also think that one of the next frontiers of digital marketing is going to be personalizing the customer experience from acquisition to retention. What I mean is that the companies that will be successful, are those that make each customer feel validated, important and valued. How does a company do that? By soliciting opinions and reviews and encouraging interaction on social media from customers about how their products and services could be better. You can also establish a dedicated customer service platform on social media so that you can respond instantly to customer complaints and issues, and then when you resolve a problem, you can thank customers for their business, which can foster outstanding goodwill.



The future of digital marketing is going retro, because it’s going to be about how companies can satisfy the individual needs of consumers in a way that makes them feel important.

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